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Our Team

Maria Pamela Tamin, PT

Pam completed her studies and licensure in the Philippines in 1998 where she worked in a government hospital for 6 years and treated a vast array of medical conditions. Pam then worked in Saudi Arabia for 2 years at the reputable King Fahad Hospital where she learned a variety of conditions thus able to work in different departments in the facility. Pam became a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario in 2011 which led to her enjoyment of working in private clinics.

Pam is very zealous and dedicated about her profession. She is committed to designing a treatment plan which incorporates manual therapy techniques, modalities, movement programming and exercises that are specific to your needs.

Outside of the clinic, Pam enjoys attending high intensity training classes and spending time with her family and friends.

Pam is available to treat you Monday, Wednesday and Fridays!

Registered Physiotherapist
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