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Neha Mohan, RSW, BSw, M.Sw

Our Team

Neha completed her Bachelors of Social Work degree at Ryerson University with a minor in psychology, certificate in mental health and addictions and Masters in Social Work at the University of Dalhousie. Neha has been passionate about working with individuals and empowering them in whatever capacity.


She has worked in providing support to children and youth and those with intellectual and physical disabilities through community outreach, program development, counselling and advocacy. Neha has worked with the Ontario Government in providing counselling, support and case management to children and families. Neha has been working with many individuals who need support during their physical rehabilitation. She has knowledge in trauma informed practice, advocacy, counselling and working with a multidisciplinary team in providing best care for patients.

As a Social Worker, Neha can support patients with their emotional, social, or financial concerns, through counselling and psychotherapy.

Neha is available to treat you Monday - Thursday evenings as well as Saturday and Sundays!



Social Worker
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