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Social workers work to assist individuals in maximizing their independence and autonomy in the various areas of his or her functioning. This process includes work with the patient, with his or her family, with the rehabilitation team, and with the community. Through assessments and interventions in the areas of psycho-social functioning and discharge planning, social workers help individual's and their families move from a situation of uncertainty, anxiety and dependency to one of increased confidence, hope and autonomy.


The mission of a social worker as a specialist is to strengthen one's skills in adjusting to the environment, to rebuild one’s relations with their community, while helping one to integrate into society, and promoting their social functioning.

Area of practice includes but is not limited to:

  • Working with individual's and their families

  • Assisting individuals in acknowledging a new diagnosis and intervention plan 

  • Providing individuals with tools and coping strategies that address psychological stress 

  • Providing counselling or psychotherapy support

  • Helping individuals and family members deal and cope with the many aspects of life – social, financial and emotional

  • providing counselling or psychotherapy support for individual's struggling to reintegrate back to employment, community or regular activities

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