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 Melissa Devers BSc (Hons), DOMP

Our Team

Melissa is a friendly and passionate Manual Osteopath who is excited to bring her unique set of skills to the team at Seaton Physio & Wellness Clinic. Melissa is trained in providing Osteopathic health care services that benefits the whole body. Her practice uses a holistic and preventative approach when providing patient treatment.

Melissa followed her passion for providing rehabilitation and the desire to help facilitate healing for people in chronic pain. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science, and after gaining 4 years of experience working within the clinical rehab field, she decided to dive into the research of Osteopathy. She found a deep understanding and love for the gentle yet effective approach to osteopathic treatment.


Osteopathic treatments with Melissa can help with a range of conditions including: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Headaches/migraines, Postural problems, acute and chronic injuries and so much more! 

Every Osteopathic treatment is customized to each patient’s needs. Using a combination of a full history and assessment, specified techniques for each individual, and exercise routines, Melissa helps her patients to relieve pain and improve function within the body.
 Helping you achieve your treatment goals is Melissa's top priority to helping you live a happy, healthy, and pain free life!


You can usually hear her giggling away with someone before you can even see her! 

Melissa is available to treat you on Mondays!

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